About Caroline Street

Artist, Published Poet, Photographer and Blogger.

My Life

Caroline Street is a South African poet, artist and amateur photographer from Mpumalanga, South Africa. She was born in Zimbabwe and started her education in Cape Town.  Her family finally settled in Phalaborwa (a small town in the far north of South Africa), where she grew up as a ‘bush baby’. Her family spent six months living in a caravan as the houses in the town were still being erected.   This existence was the seed of her love for nature and wildlife. The environment in those early years was natural and unspoiled. It was a bush existence. The Kruger National Park was within walking distance from her home.  Leopard, lion, elephant, buck, etc., were common sightings in and around the little town, with some fatalities.

Her education with regard to art and poetry was a living one.  She experienced the spirit of the bushveld; the heat, dust, rivers, mountains and trees. She travelled extensively with her family throughout South Africa and Zimbabwe.  Her father, John van der Westhuizen, (a wood artist extraordinaire) with his love for trees also influenced her greatly.  The bushveld is ingrained in Caroline and the Kruger National Park is still very much a part of her life.  

Caroline’s work is inspired by her spiritual quest and her love of life and creation. Her journey  is poured into her art, poetry, blog posts and photography.  Her work is inspirational. 

Caroline paints wildlife, birds, still-life, landscapes, portraits, figures and flowers.  She also enjoys digital art, naïve art, design, fantasy art and crafts.  Her art is diverse and is described as detailed and contemporary. She exhibits her art and has sold her work nationally and internationally.  Her Creation Day 1 -5 series of paintings have been used all over the world as teaching aids in schools and sermons, and have appeared in media and books.

Caroline’s  poetry and  is about subjects close to her heart, i.e., wildlife, bushveld tales, the beauty of nature, spirituality, life, people, etc. ‘Take A Walk With Me’ is her first published poetry/art book and she is preparing a second book. 



If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion.  For your passion will lead you right into your purpose. ~ T.D. Jakes.


Thankfully, I have  God given talents and all my work is dedicated to Him.  My genres include wildlife, birds, flora, still-life, landscapes, portraits and figures. I also enjoy naive art, design, fantasy, Christian art and digital art.  My art could be described as detailed and contemporary. 

My main medium is oils, which I call the living paint.  I also work in acrylics, watercolor, gouache, ink, pen and pastel.   I love to experiment with batik, lino and mosaics.  I have recently added digital art as a ‘medium’.  


I write short and story poetry about animals, nature and life with its twists and turns. Several poems have been used to celebrate events and highlight wildlife issues.

I have published an art/poetry book with 41 poems. Each poem is illustrated with my art and photography. The book is titled ‘Take A Walk with Me‘. 


The collection succeeds in showing the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Images of familiar landscapes are woven together with skill, making personal poems feel universal and providing a driving force for the book. ‘Take a Walk with Me’ is an innovative and intriguing​ collection of poetry and art ​that excels at emphasizing the relationship between humans and the natural world.​’ – Clarion.