How curious can I possibly be  

To envision a day upon a leaf? 

A Tom Thumb I would need to be!

To hop and skip upon a frond –

Yes! It is beyond belief!


As queen for a day in the city of green, 

I would study the curling, twisting, leaves.  

Run my fingers over the perfect veins.

A drink of water I would take

From glistening droplets of rain.


Within a sheaf of leaf   

I would conceal myself.

Here, I will have the freedom

To survey tiny, armoured, beasts 

Partaking of their juicy feasts.


I would stroke the silky wing of a butterfly.

Count the spots on a ladybird.

Gaze into the turquoise eyes of a dragonfly,

And catch a swift ride on a lizard.


In the centre of an elephant ear

Is where I will take my rest.

With my hands beneath my head.

I will dream away the rest of the day,

In this most secret place on earth.



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