On this winter morning

I bask in my peaceful place.   

Under the boughs of the grape tree

Patterns of sun kiss my face.


Warmth, like oil, flows through my bones.

Joyful am I! With You I am never alone.

The whispers of leaves fill the atmosphere,    

I hear Your lyrical voice there.


The tone of life in the distance is hasty.

The yapping dogs, folk rushing past,

But the dove cooing in the tree,

Grass under my feet is my reality.


My mind ponders the Song of Songs:

Of forests next to cool, musical streams,

Of grazing, delicate deer with no fear of the spear.

Unfathomable love. Excellence in all things.


You hold my hand as I imagine,      

Seeing the vision you have set before me.

The signs of my purpose and plans

Breaking forth within my sphere.

Yet, it always was in Your hands,

And I was too blind to see!


The supernatural vines of inspiration

Are climbing everywhere.

Their buds proclaim, “There is a change in the air!”

*Oh, let me be a fruitful bough

Whose branches run over the wall.


It was You, my excellent Companion,

Who helped me catch the troubling foxes.

You lifted me off this troubled earth.

I am moving with You to higher places,

And something fascinating is being birthed! 






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