The Seed of Gold. ©


The ground was mould and miry soil,

Choked by weed, briar and toil.

But as the mystery of life unfolds,

A being swathed in a virtuous light

Into the sludge placed he a seed of gold.


By-and-by the seed was birthed

With pains at first,

Battling rebellious thorn and dirt.

Miraculously it began to thrive!

Through irrigation of truth and light.  


The Gardener fussed and fed.

He excised the parasites, the disease – the dead.

From the strength of the vine entwined

Branches grew towards the sunshine.


The tree now flourishes in the sunlight,

Lush with leaves and sweet bouquets.

The roots sensibly explore the depths,

Pursuing the precepts of the Giver of Life.


The fruit is being finely construed.

The Gardener has conditions – He must approve!

As the wisdom of the tree improves

A rich harvest will be gathered soon.   





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