Trees perceive the purpose of their being,
To nourish humanity and other living things.
They distribute food from crown to roots
In the form of flowers, berries, nuts, and fruits.
Trees beautify Earth and cool the atmosphere.
Their canopies offer shade from the sun’s glare
Whilst they oxygenate and purify the air.
Trees mask ugliness and soften noise;
Their wood is utilised for crafts and fuel.  
Nature’s melodies are enjoyed
In the close proximity of a tree,
As they attract the birds and bees.
Secure habitats and shelter they proffer
From harsh seasons and inclement weather.
In the shade of their limbs,
Micro forests give birth.
The green of the tree is symbolic
Of regeneration – a mental tonic. 
Trees are sharing and kind
And a great blessing to mankind.
Plant a tree and help save a forest –
Celebrate Arbor Day in a generous way.
Trees are the lungs of Earth,
And without them, life as we know it
Will cease to exist. 




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