I choose not to be a sloth
Languishing on a branch all day.
I have no excuse for my laziness
I was created this way.
I am a symbol of altruism
Envied for my relaxed being,
But don’t be fooled by such talk
No one would want this gene.
My only saving grace
Is that I am as adorable as a teddy,
But did you know that my thick fur
Is host to moths, mites and algae!
It is simply not true
That I am carefree!
My sluggish digestive system
Saps most of my energy.
On my weekly trip to do a poo,
I need to climb down to my spot on the ground,
However, this could be the death of me
If there is a jaguar, snake or eagle around.
I am so slow, a minute it takes
To move a two-meter space,
And my ten-centimeter claws
Are an added frustration to my pace.

I’m not easily seen up in the trees
As my fur is suffused with fungi
So, as I am well camouflaged
You would have to look twice to spot me.
I laze away all day in cecropia trees,
Eating as many fruits and leaves as I please
Whilst basking in the rays of a mosaic sun.
I am a sloth, but I’m sure you no longer envy me.  💚

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