Little Bee. ©

Little Bee, little Bee,
Buzzing around the Silk Floss tree,
A feast of pink blooms to pollinate –
Your frenzied energy invigorates
The quiet morning air.

Now laden with pollen,
You hastily retreat
To your hive which beckons,
In a hollow, a tree – somewhere discreet.

Ever the worker, your work is never done,
The collection of pollen, for now, is complete.
You consolidate with your co-workers under the sun,
Creating the sweetest golden honey for everyone! 


​Bees are very close to my heart. Many do not stop to think of the importance of bees. These little creatures are vital in agriculture and without them we will not enjoy the beauty of flowers or fruits and vegetables. We need to do everything to attract bees into our gardens, save hives, speak up against farmers that spray crops, and against those that are ignorant and indiscriminately kill bees. They are vital to our existence. Remember the next time you pick up a can of insecticide to spray a bee, rather try to save than destroy.

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