From the birth of Eve,
Woman has been second to man. 
She is not significant in physical strength,
But relevant in matters of the mind.
No stone is unturned in her spiritual quest,
Through which her zest
And love of life is expressed.
The quintessential woman is astute,
Intelligent and wise, after all,
She is in the business of moulding lives.
She’s capable of delivering the best,
From a five-star meal to a well-balanced child. 
Her integrity and strength are inborn;
A teacher, protector, and comforter
To her sons and daughters.
A supporter, lover, and companion
To her significant other,
And a willing aide and confidant
To her associates and friends.
Gifted with a sixth sense,
She is always in the know
When to wipe a tear,
Offer a hug or lend an ear.
Nothing is too much for her to mend;
A broken relationship, a grazed knee,
A torn pair of jeans.
She offers the inevitable cup of tea
And with that Mona Lisa smile,
Instinctively knows the appropriate words to choose
When counselling those with the blues,
Calming the disruptive or settling disputes.
She builds up and never tears down;
A constructive thinker
Without a destructive thought.
Gossip she finds distasteful,
It makes her frown.
The quintessential woman does not
Partake in trivial mental games;  
Fairness is her middle name.
With finances, she takes care,
Only purchasing what is necessary.
Saving a bit here, and paying what’s due there;
A little extra cash she sets aside for charity;
The orphans, the aged or animal welfare.
Never a procrastinator,
This woman accomplishes the visions
To which her life is assigned.
An exceptional organiser;
Armed with a phone and ipad,
She’ll organise a peace rally or charity day,
Just as efficiently as she would children
At the annual school play!
She can landscape a garden,
And decorate a room;
Is proficient at changing a tyre
And flying to the moon!
Woman are the teachers of the generations;
The peace negotiators of the world
And are deserving of dignity, love and respect. 
They have proved their worth
And always produce the best! ❤

This poem was written for National Woman’s Day. 


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