The gift of a rose carries a message;
The colour of each prescribes its own love language.
The red is a declaration of passion and romance,
A delightful lavender proclaims love – it enchants!
To present a dark-pink rose shows appreciation;
A pastel pink one expresses admiration.
An orange rose reveals intense desire;
Beware of this passionate giver’s internal fire.
Yellow is safe, joy, and friendship it brings –
The warmth of this rose will make your heart sing.
The purity of white is always right,
It is significant of innocence and spiritual light,
However, the dreaded desiccated white rose
Conveys a warning, the recipient is predisposed
To loss of life, rather than the loss of virtue.
A withered white rose has a conspicuous clue;
The receiver of this is considered a fleeting beauty!
To receive a blue – fantasy and majesty surround you,
Perhaps a fairy tale ending is in view,
If such an existence can ever be true!
To be handed a black rose will leave you anxious,
As the giver of this is infused with darkness.
It’s wise to decline this beauty with eloquence,
As it is deemed to be related to an unseasonable quietus.


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